Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Five: Reason Why I Can't Kill Constructive Compulsion

Last week I mentioned a new endeavor and a potential new face for CC, displacing the Friday Five, and refocusing my blog identity. And while I still intend to do most of that, I came to several conclusions about Constructive Compulsion and what it means to me.

1. C'mon baby, finish what you started: It goes against the codes in my DNA to not finish something, to let it fall away. It would haunt me forever to simply shut down or just let the CC link die out there in cyberspace burnt out and forgotten. Even if I am unsure as to what Constructive Compulsion will actually be, it can't simply be cast out.

2. Don't neglect the first-born: Just because I have a new idea doesn't mean I have to abandon my first baby. CC taught me a lot about blogging, and helped me craft my focus for my next endeavor. I assume it's kinda like the first born/second born phenomenon. You have no clue what you're doing with the first one, and then when the second one comes, things that were mysteries are no-brainers. But you still have to love and care for the first-born. Otherwise there'd be an Island of Misfit First-borns.

3. Love it for what it is: I am still going to have something to say about things other than the topics of my forthcoming blog. I'm still a professor. I'm still a member of a twisted society. I'm still a daughter, sister, friend, girlfriend, woman. There are going to be other things for me to muse about, rant about, and have fun with. That was the initial idea behind Constructive Compulsion, and so it still must serve that purpose.  

4. Getting by with a little help from my friends: You and I have a lot of fun on here. It warms my heart and makes me smile when you guys say, "Hey! Where's the Friday Five? Did I miss it?" Or when you share my posts on your on FB pages. Or when one of my posts sparks a dialogue. I love that aspect of blogging, of being part of the blogosphere, and the idea exchanges. The Friday Five always gets at least one good laugh, and sometimes, it really hits home and you guys go nuts for it, which I am absolutely eternally grateful for.

5. You never know who's watching: Opportunities arise from all kinds of unlikely places. You never know who might come across CC and think, "This is exactly what I'm looking for!" As a professional writer/editor, the idea of having more than one voice is not foreign. Therefore, I may need more than one forum for what I do. Authors such as Stephen King and Anne Rice have written under pseudonyms just so they can write outside their typical genre and be taken seriously. Having duel blogs is sort of the same thing. Crass humor will have no place in my other project, and the content I intend to craft there might be a bit too heavy for CC's angle. Someone who may not dig my CC voice may really connect with my other project, and vice versa. And those of you who are already loyal to CC may also get on board with the other project and share it with others. The kids can definitely get along, even if they are very different.

And so, once again, I thank you all for your continuous support and readership. I hope we can continue to play together here at Construction Compulsion...

And I am sorry, my dear first-blog, for having doubted your place in my heart.


  1. Ha, I love the Island of Misfit First-Borns. I'm pretty sure that's my family. (Tom and I are both first borns, as will Nate be if we ever have a second.)

  2. I am so very excited for you. If there's anyone who could handle two blogs simultaneously, it would most certainly be you. I'm not sure that I'm up for that kind of task, but you're absolutely right. If you intend to discuss very different topics in both spaces, it might not make sense to mesh them all together in this home... but I'm glad you're not abandoning CC altogether. This was where your writing started in blog form and this is where I hope it will continue to grow. And I can't wait to follow your latest project, my love! XOXO